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Pasture-Raised Podcast

Feb 29, 2020

I had a fantastic conversation with Ben Grimes of Dawnbreaker Farms and Dependable Poultry Processors in Hurdle Mills, NC that I'm eager to share with you. Ben is a smart farmer who knows and understands his farm, his processing business, and his numbers, and is thoughtful and wise about how to use them to pursue his goals. 
If you're someone who processes poultry, or has poultry processed by someone else, stay tuned. If you're someone who raises and sells ducks, or is interested in raising and selling ducks, stay tuned. If you're someone who would like to see farmers market sales go way up, stay tuned. And if you're someone who likes to see how people are solving problems on their farms, in their context, with creative solutions that you can learn from, then, as always stay tuned!
A couple of notes: I plan to continue to release episodes at the beginning of the week each week for a while. I hope to be dependable in that. second. This is my last "recorded in a Jetta" episode that i have in the kitty. I hope its not too distracting. And I hope that you'll enjoy better sound quality in the future. And three: my email is if you'd like to give me any feedback. I'd love to hear from you! 
Ben's course can be purchased through our friends at grassfed life, 
While I'm mentioning them: A note about Darby and Diego and grassfed life: Those guys have provided myself and many others I know, and many of you listening a lot of value through their podcast and courses and mentorship, and they have in many ways inspired and helped me to create this podcast. They have also partnered with Ben and I at separate times to create education for farmers. So I just want to say for myself, that I appreciate that they have, in many ways, shared their platforms and audiences in order to help us out and partner with us when they didn't have to.
 You can find out more about Ben at, or Dawnbreaker Farms on all the Social media. Again, thanks to Ben. He's become a good friend, and someone who's example I look to when trying to figure out how to make my farm better. It takes a lot of pieces to make a farm business viable. And smart friends and examples and camarades are an important one.
I'm Luke:,