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Pasture-Raised Podcast

Oct 19, 2020

After Jesse sharing about their business and sales models on episode 17, Matthew joins the conversation to share more about the ins and outs of their operation; but especially hiring and managing employees, and navigating USDA inspected slaughter and processing with both poultry and mammals. They are doing a lot, and...

Aug 21, 2020

Curtis Brown is back for part two of our interview, where we talk all about how he has, and will continue to, get his meat into his customers' hands. We talk CSA logistics, marketing ideas, and streamlining through a cooperative distribution network. 

Curtis and Ashley's...

May 18, 2020

An episode recoded in April of 2020 on how Charlie and his wife Kerissa are adapting and growing into the Covid 19 pandemic. Thanks to Charlie for this wide-ranging discussion touching on all aspects of his farm and business.

Mar 30, 2020

Mark Brady and I discuss the ins and outs of what our farms are doing to cope and thrive in these trying times, when it seems like everything is changing. The final answers to all the problems aren't here. But real-time problem solving and thinking is!

Find me...

Mar 25, 2020

3/23/20: A journal of what happened in the past two weeks: How our farm is adapting, capitalizing on opportunity, feeding our community, and looking towards the future to try to make wise choices about how to make sure we can keep on farming and meeting the needs of our community now and into the future.