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Pasture-Raised Podcast

Feb 11, 2020

Notes for intro: 
Pasture-Raised Podcast, Episode 3! Thanks for tuning in again. I hope you enjoyed our first interview last week with Dave Shields. I appreciate all of the kind feedback I've received on it, and want to welcome you to subscribe and leave a review and let other folks know about it if you've found it to be valuable.
Before we get into today's episode, let me just talk a little about what you might be able to expect with this podcast going forward: My plan is to release an episode towards the beginning of the week, each week, through the remainder of the winter. As we push into spring, that frequency will likely go to every other week or so. As you've gathered I'll be doing mostly interview style shows with farmers about the farm businesses folks are running. But I do have a few discussions coming up that will be a little more topically focused as well.
This week we've got a great interview for you with Jordan Green of J and L Green Farm, and the Farm Builder YouTube channel. With his wife, Laura, Jordan raises and sells weaned pigs, pork, beef, chicken, and turkey in Edinburgh, Virginia. Jordan is a very smart fellow. as you'll see in a minute. He's applying radically independent critical thinking and finding opportunities and exploiting them at every turn while understanding and managing his risk very well. There is probably no evidence of this better than the fact that the farm business he's built is unique and robust. 
One big thing that struck me is how Jordan is so capable of taking his high-level thinking, experience, and well-earned perspective, and presenting it at a conceptual level, in order to, in a sense, further value-add his own knowledge and help the rest of us see more clearly how we can apply these business and farming principles in our own context. I suppose experience and knowledge with the ability to communicate it effectively and applicably, in a motivating way, is the essence of what a good teacher is. And that's exactly what you have here. For those of us who got into farming with more idealism than business principles swirling around in our brains, teachers like this offer a necessary counter-balance, and are examples in the ways we will need to think and farm if we are going to be in this for the long haul. 
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